paper desaturate

Pleats are the high point of fashion.
– Dior

Specialty Pleaters was founded in 1925 at the height of pleating couture, and was one of a dozen pleating companies that once existed in Melbourne. As the pace of changing fashions continues to accelerate and more manufacturing moves overseas, it is now the only remaining pleating studio in Melbourne.

Resident artisan pleater Simon is an expert at crafting pleats, whether it be by hand using paper moulds or machine pleating fabric. The studio prides itself on dedicating a caring human touch to each piece of fabric that comes through the workshop, which means working with smaller quantities to create lasting quality.

Throughout our rich history, Specialty Pleaters has pleated for some of Melbourne’s most iconic design labels, including the Melbourne Opera Company, Toni Matičevski and Le Louvre’s most famous pleated dress to name a few. With years of experience and expert knowledge, we can advise and inspire on the best ways to design your next pleated creation.