Pleating styles, Preparation and packaging

Specialty Pleaters offers a diverse range of styles, sizes and combinations of pleating. Fabric can be pleated by the block, metre or on the roll depending on the type of pleat required. Below are some common styles of pleating, however many different variations of these can be made. For custom and decorative pleat styles please inquire here.

As each job is unique, you will be guided through the process to ensure the specific requirements of your job are met. However, there are a some steps which can be taken to help achieve the best result. Fabric should be pressed flat and placed on a roll to prevent creasing before pleating, and to preserve and protect the pleats after they have been set in the fabric. Garment and pattern pieces should also be hemmed and finished before pleating to ensure the pleats retain their form when assembled.

Basic Pleats

Knife pleats

Combination pleats

Box pleats

Sunray Pleats

Accordion pleats

Custom pleats: fish scales

Custom pleats: artichoke

Custom pleats: four pointed star

Other types of pleating include:

Treebark Pleat
Double Treebark Pleat
Decorative Sunray
All Over Crush
Vertical Crush